The Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute (PAOI) offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to study Eastern Orthodox theology in a true academic and ecumenical environment.  As a member of the Graduate Theological Union, the PAOI invites students and visitors to explore the beauty of theology, culture, language, and interfaith dialogue in a special setting.  It is the place where the Eastern Orthodox Tradition is shared with the world in an atmosphere of respect and harmony.

The PAOI offers the possibility of studying Orthodox theology, while also availing oneself of the opportunity of entering into dialogue with people of other cultures, expressions, and faith traditions.  The MA and Certificate programs of the PAOI have been developed, so a student can build a foundation in Orthodox theology and complement this with the resources offered by the other schools and centers of the GTU.  Theology is not studied in isolation; rather, it is explored, evaluated, and understood in a much broader context.

We invite you to visit us and share in this special opportunity and the experience that can only be found in the PAOI.